Every detail is pivotal

Right now in the world we live in, not just our planet, but the society we have created, the civilization that has formed, there is imminent danger. Concepts that have lived forever but have conveniently been brushed aside by some new national issue or the other are coming out in full force in what seems to be one year. The news media has been focusing on ISIS and the “issues” at hand in Syria, however they can only do so much. In case of a bias deep set within their corporate roots even the news presented will be from one side. Change the channel and you hear about Michael Brown’s case, which reached an unsurprising but unfortunate final decision. No matter what you call it, “incident”, “crime”, or whatever the fact of the matter is that the event happened in August. AUGUST. It is now November about to enter the last month of this year and it took 3 months if not more to decide if a person killed by another person is wrong or not. Change the channel again and you see Jackie’s story about being gang-raped for three hours in a frat house by potential pledges. Potential no more because these men were taken into the brotherhood upon the act of forcefully holding down a woman and mutilating her body for their own purpose. Not pleasure, but purpose. The mutilation of a woman’s body was the necessary component for these men to join an organization that would ensure them a high social status on campus, and within their state. Take them out of that state, then what are they? Oh that’s right.

Cold blooded criminals.

Which is what it all boils down to. We as a people teach our children that hurting another creature is bad. We attempt to teach them care and human rights but then we plaster in public heinous acts against these human rights. A kindergartner will get a timeout just for not sharing and yet here are people physically, emotionally, and mentally harming another human being and where is the punishment? Where is the symbolic timeout? The law is being manipulated. Positions are being manipulated. The public is being manipulated.

Can you really tell fact from fiction anymore? Can you really point to a screen or a paper or a source of any sort and say that news verbatim is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

We may never have had that privilege to begin with but now we are starting to lose the privilege to at least fight for that. We are beginning to lose the ability to present information in front of a group of peers and argue for what is believed to be the truth. Once that is gone what is left?

Just a bunch of cold blooded criminals.

Soon every face you see will be just that. Someone who has participated in the violation of another person’s ability to live in peace. To breathe in peace.

In a time such as this, every detail is a pivotal point. Every step taken by a protester, a cop, a governmental official, a bystander, a person will make noise. Every word spoken will carry with it a barrage of unspoken thoughts and opinions. In a time such as this, everything matters. No longer is there a need to say, If you want change be the change! We are now living in that phrase. Whether you want change or not, there is no choice. We are the change. Each person on this planet is a factor in change. The only thing left to say is….

What change are you?

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