Ignorance is Not Bliss

The age old saying “ignorance is bliss” has been passed down for as long as I can remember. Even being an immigrant I’ve heard my own family use variations of this phrase. It has at this point became a global phrase, mass produced in multiple languages. But what does this phrase truly stand for?

Ignorance: Noun: the state or fact of being ignorant; lack of knowledge, learning, information, etc.

It is stating that a lack of knowledge is bliss. But I thought knowledge is divine? Yet a phrase that is blatantly pushing aside knowledge and promoting an oblivious nature and quite simply stupidity is being passed on. So I must ask, when exactly is a lack of knowledge bliss? Politics? Education? Civil Rights? Gender Rights? Domestic Abuse? In your career perhaps? When is not knowing enough information a bliss?

At this point many may be throwing their arms up and saying “ignorance can save lives.” “You can’t handle the truth”. We don’t live in a movie. If you truly believe that a human being can’t handle the truth, you’ve failed in educating and raising that human properly. The proof is in that statement itself. Can’t handle the truth. Cannot. This is grammatically stating that a human being is inherently incapable of comprehending honest information. If this was the case then the world would have ended many years ago. Civilization would not have grown whatsoever let alone to be able to create multiple societies and norms. If you cut the bud of a plant, of course it won’t grow. If you cut the right of a human’s pursuit of the truth then yes, you will be raising generations of human beings that literally will not be able to handle the truth.

A psychological mutation experiment.

Give humans the truth, instead teach them how to handle it. Give them facts. Show them how to sit down and analyze those facts. Show them how to take that truth and move forward. The truth is not some kryptonite because human beings are not superheroes. We must fall. We must bruise. But we can stand back up. Bruises heal. Our feet can still take steps forward, and they won’t take the steps that caused the first fall. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is enablement. Ignorance is what perpetuates vile disgusting habits. Ignorance is what will bring upon the demise of not just generations to come but civilization as an entity. You may read this and think this is all common sense but if it was a phrase such as this would not exist, and it shouldn’t. Unless the phrase is being taught as an example of how not to live life, then it must disappear.

Eradicate “ignorance is bliss”.

Take the first step to raising awareness in the mind. Take the first step. You may fall, but that’s ok. Take the first step to the cold hard facts. Grow. Live. Blossom.

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