Cannot Escape Color

“I don’t see color.”

These words are unoriginal, they are not born from creativity or a spontaneous moment in life. They are words that have been passed from one mouth to a pair of ears and so on. They are words that have been cultivated, harvested by those choosing to escape a truth. A reality that envelops human life.  They have been used to sympathize while attempting to empathize, they have been used to alleviate the guilt of the speaker while confusing the receiver. No more should there be confusion because these words are lies.

If these words have ever come out of your mouth, you are a liar.

As human beings we have been gifted with a world filled with color, and eyes and a mind that can see them. As a society we have grown to provide names to each color in order to be as descriptive as possible. We have built technology that aims to provide the tiniest of details, shows the most minute of changes in gradients. Why? So that every pair of eyes can see on a screen the same range of colors in everyday life. So that every pair of eyes may grow an appreciation for the vivacious life in every color in the world.

Yet as a society there are people that refuse to provide life solely based on color. The human eye is more willing to accept that there is life in a color, in a descriptive pigment, yet is afraid to accept the life in a body covered in a descriptive pigment. To those who may have never heard the original statement, well congratulations for successfully avoiding a negative power and perhaps surrounding yourself with acceptance and love. For those of us who may not have been as lucky, this statement, this common defensive mechanism is not one on a positive side. It does not stem from love, it does not stem from hate, but it stems from ignorance.

It stems from complacency.

It stems from fear.

With a world’s population in the billions and a majority of them being another color than “white” it is impossible to not see any color. If a person can see the off white color of paint in comparison to the egg creme white to put on their walls then the brown color of my skin can be vibrantly seen. The deep browns, the caramels, the mochas, the coffees, every gradient working its way to black can be seen. It is seen. To say that it cannot be seen is the invalidation of billions of people. It is the invalidation of hundreds of countries. It is the invalidation of the blatant truth. The only mouth such words should be coming out of is a person suffering from a genetic mutation causing color blindness. Otherwise it is coming out of the mouth of a liar.

A liar who is too afraid to take a stance. “Seeing color” requires a fight, no matter which side. For those who do not want to hurt the feelings of their companion or want to display their “compassionate” humanitarian attitude, this is the easiest way out. But as a receiver, it hurts less to hear the truth. You see color. It is not a matter of whether you do or not because the simple truth is, you do. As does every human being on this planet. What matters is, what do you think about it?

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