True Nature of Change

When change is referenced it is always split down the middle, either it is being appreciated or abhorred. Are these the only connotations for change? When looked at generally, yes, but the whole world can be broken down to a simple 50/50 view. Change is too complex for a view like that, many times the connotation for change develops from the consequences of an action. Despite this what cannot be denied is the fact that change happens, it needs to happen. It is an essential part of life and even if one does not adore change, that is fine. Change is an involuntary action. Every step taken, every second that passes is change. That may be considered a very unreasonable view for some, which is fine, but it does not deny the fact that change happens whether one wants it or not. If change is not wished for, then what? A human being does not have the strength to prevent another from changing, even if this power did exist it should not be utilized. Change is what makes life exactly what it is: a mish mosh of moments depicting a variety of emotions. Take out change from life and it would be a flat line; death to life. Change cannot be just good vs bad; it is a mix of everything. At first some change may hurt, such as the loss of a relationship whether it be friendship or personal; but the power to take a situation and make it positive is within our own hands. Cherish the good memories but do not cling onto every memory and aspire to live in your past. When one’s eyes are constantly focused on the past, they are blind to what is in front. That is how you walk into walls. If a person leaves, think. At the moment of departure that person is no longer the same character as when they first entered the picture, and most likely neither are you. If the departure is amicable, move on. Life is filled with new personalities, opportunities, growth. If it may have a particularly painful time, grow, take this sudden change and develop it into a longer change. This does not mean that you must change your personality every time someone leaves your life. The change can be small. Change your jokes, favorite tv show, hairstyle, etc. What seems to be something trivial still has the power to cause a difference in attitude. Take a situation where change may have been bad at first and turn it into something positive. Do not let the fear of change engulf and throw you into a pit. Do not let develop a mindset where you cannot differentiate between nostalgia and present emotions. Are you actually seeing someone or something for what they/it is at the moment, or has the tinge of past emotions tainted better judgement? Only you are in control of your actions, your mind, your body. No one can take that away from you, not even your own fears.

Everyone changes. They must change to survive. It does not alter your life, unless you choose it to.

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